Friday, July 29, 2016

Test blog

  Sorry about the delay,  trying to post the Carcass/ Surgical Steel album review that has been sitting here for two years, and never got published.
  Don't worry,  your not missing much.
Good record. Go buy it ^__^
   Regardless,  right after I get proper screen shots of ReLife, you get a review of the the anime as well.
  Isn't that special?
    Sorry about the delay on blog posts,  I am looking at one to two a month to start out with.
  Also. Feel free to check me out at Anime Animo.
  Just search otakumachinegun,  please leave feedback, if you guys want reviews over there.
  To be honest, Anime Amino has to be one of the best anime/manga community sites out there. 
  Join in and touch base.
  Cheers! Cory Shwadlenak

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Was going to put bonus, and unpublished material here. ..but having issues with Blogger.
   New material coming soon.  Cjs