Monday, April 15, 2013

For Want Of: A look at Aku No Hana Episodes 1 and 2

To open up my look into the 2013 anime spring season, I figured I would start with the most outstanding of the crop this time around with "Aku no Hana".

   The story involves middle school student Takao Kasuga, a bookish teen who seems to only have interests in two things: Baudelaire's Les Fluers du Mal and fellow student Nanako Saeki.  While returning to the school to retrieve his beloved book, he finds Saeki's gym clothes and decides to take them home.  Unknowing, he is spotted in the act by Sawa Nakamura, a troubled girl who sits behind Kasuga in class. The controversy opens the door for Nakamura to begin to blackmail Kasuga into a "contract" that gives her control of his personal life.   

 Episode one is a slow watch, with nothing of interest happening in the first fifteen minutes of the anime.  Thankfully, the use of rotoscoping gives the viewer alot to take in.  Sometimes maybe too much.  The drama that begins to unfold here does not run at you, instead it paces like a snail in sludge.

 That is not to say that the anime is bad, it just has alot of distractions.

  Episode two picks up the pace with the initial confrontation between Nakamura and Kasuga, leaving him shaken and confused how to handle the situation, just to be shown how much power that Nakamura holds over him.

  Overall, pacing issues are to be overlooked here.  It just gives the viewer time to take in the beautiful (and sometimes disturbing) imagery.  It is, honestly, refreshing to see a change of pace this spring season.  Recommended.

  Next time, I will take a glimpse into the world of "Attack on Titan"

  Until then!  Cory JS

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