Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deeper Than Inside: A look at Attack on Titan Episodes 1 and 2

 The problem with discussing a series at it's beginning is that it could go anywhere, for better or worse. One can only hope that Production I.G.'s latest offering Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) stays on track.

  Our story takes us to a alternate world where civilization has walled itself off from malevolent, man eating giants.  A hundred years has passed without these creatures being able to penetrate their fortress, leaving them to go about life without incident.
  But not all are happy with being confined.
  Enter Eren, our protagonist, who is seemingly unhappy with not being able to see the world where he is held captive.  After seeing the defeat of soldiers trying to secure a fortress outside the walls they are enclosed in, he also wants to join in the fight to get past the imprisonment he feels he is trapped in.
  This is faced with resistance from his parents and adopted sister Mikasa, until a unusually large Titan breaks down the outer wall.
  Now that passage is allowed for other Titans to pass, carnage runs rampant. 

  Houses and buildings are torn asunder, people are devoured, including Eren's mother while Eren and his sister watches in horror.

  This prompts Eren to vow vengeance on each and every Titan for the death of his mother.  The surviving town people are forced deeper into the circular walled structure with others yet affected by the attack.
  Of course,this causes unrest with the overcrowding and lack of food for the refugees.  People are either forced to fight back, or live by meager farming and off the charity of others.
  Episode two ends finding Eren, Mikasa and friend Armin joining the resistance force to fight back.

  Director Tetsuro Araki (Death Note/Guilty Crown) spends as much time on the violence, as he does on the anger and hatred that Eren seems to have on his foes.  It doesn't always make for a comfortable watching experience, but that seems to be the point here so far.
  Of course the main question remains...How can the small guy win in the end?  The odds surely aren't in our main character's favor, to say the least.  The main problem within this anime is if it can be answered in a satisfactory manner without losing itself or just plain out befuddling the viewer. Only time will tell. 

  Well worth watching just to see where it will all go.

  Next up to bat is yet another offering from Production IG, this time teaming up with writer Gen Urobuchi to bring us the Sci-Fi series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.


Until next time!  Cory JS

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