Wednesday, April 17, 2013

By Design: A look at Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet Episodes 1 and 2

  Out of all of the offerings this spring season, none has been quite as anticipiated as Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet.   Bringing together the writing talent of Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Magica Madoka/PsychoPass) and Production IG (PsychoPass/Ghost in the Shell) comes, for the most part, the best shows to come out so far.

  O.K., I might be jumping the gun here after only two episodes, considering I expected more out of the aforementioned PsychoPass, but I am going with my gut here on this one.

    Episode one opens with a introduction to Ensign Ledo being woken up by his battle robot Chamber (Voiced by Tomokusa Sugita, great as always),  preparing him for battle against a flower-like species called the Hideauze. 
  Hopelessly outnumbered trying to defeat the enemy, a order to retreat is given.  While Ledo is trying to land, he is attacked and thrown into a wormhole that finds him grounded on a primitive planet six months later.

  He is awoken to find his robot Chamber being accosted by humans trying to take the machine apart, to no avail.  Here we are introduced to Amy and her pet squirrel (?) , who is as equally curious to what has landed on their planet.
  While the workers are absent, Ledo leaves the robot craft to explore, just to be discovered by Amy and one of the workers named Pinion.  Here Ledo decides to abduct Amy, just to find himself in a standoff when he reaches the outside.

 With the help of Chamber translating the strange language that they speak (which doesn't always work out, by the way), Ledo discovers that he has landed on Earth, a planet long thought uninhabitable.  Come to find out, Earth was covered in ice and now is covered by water.
  Left confused and stranded, Ledo ends off Episode two assisting the people of the Gargantia fleet by warding off a attack by pirates.
  There is alot being left out of this summary, of course.  Quite honestly, this is a series that should be more watched than written about.  If the first two episodes of this show is any indication, this show could be the hands down winner this season.

  Next up:  A brief overview of the rest being offered this spring (for better or worse) and my thoughts on the spring anime season overall.

  Until then!  Cory JS

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