Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I blame Dale Nixon..easy target.

  I won't be reviewing anything this week, due to a ton of personal things I have to attend I figured I would give you all some homework while I get things in order...
               1.  Melvins-(a) Senile Animal (Ipacac)

             2. Pig Destroyer-Book Burner (Relapse)             

                  3. Coaltar of the Deepers-Yukari Telepath (available on I-Tunes)
                            4.  4. Soutaiseiriron- "Jigoku Sensei" (single/Mirai Records)


                                        ANIME THAT I WOULD BE WATCHING:
                          1.  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (TV/2012 David Productions/Warner Bros Japan)
                         2.  Mushi-shi  (2008/Artland)

                  3. Urusei Yatsura (1981/Studio DEEN)

                         MANGA I RECOMMEND YOU NEED TO READ :

                   1.  Solanin/ Asano Inio

                                          2.  Twin Spica/ Kou Youginuma


                                          3. Uzumaki/Junji Ito
   Anyway, that should be enough to keep you guys busy for a moment!  Sorry that the alignment on this page is screwy, I had to eyeball it due to lack of time. 
  Until next time!!!  Cory JS

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