Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saya's laundry is done, she wants you to know that.

(SPOILER WARNING)  Although I tried my best to resist the temptation of ruining anything about this anime, it just wasn't possible.  I felt that fair warning on some things would help me sleep better at night, while also doing a service to anyone who just might watch this.
  I had a hard time watching this anime.  Probably because I am Sayaphobic.  Not because of the character itself, but the memory of watching this anime's predecessor Blood + and having to hear the name "Saya" repeated about five thousand times during that anime.  I swore I never wanted to hear her name again.
  Up to this point, I was able to avoid just that until Production I.G. and revered manga creators CLAMP decided to combine forces to once again revive the Blood the Last Vampire series with Blood C.

  Of course, I could have just avoided it altogether and found something else to view. I just couldn't help myself after reading the scathing reviews and how the violence level was in the red (no joke intended).  Curiosity got the better part of me. 

  I can say at least one thing that is positive, I wasn't burdened with having to hear her name as much this time.

   This time we find our heroine working as a shrine maiden with her priest father in rural Japan,  where she skips to school, singing songs about the food she ate, how her dad said it wasn't going to rain, and that her laundry is done.  The important things.

  Saya isn't attending high school on a military base this time around either, but at a normal school where we are introduced to the class representative who has a crush on her, a brooding mysterious student who Saya seems to be attracted to, and a homeroom teacher who gets creepier as the show lumbers on.  Although not quite as creepy as the pair of identical twins who can only be described as the moe version of the twins from The Shining, if they went to a Japanese high school.
  When not in school, she spends the rest of her time in the cafe located by the shrine owned by her fathers friend Fumito, who makes her snacks and coffee.

   Let us not forget that she also battles man eating creatures known as "Elder Bairns" who are terrorizing the quiet village where she lives.

  If all of this sounds boring, that is pretty much all that happens between Episodes 1 and 3, with the exception of a mysterious dog who Saya keeps running into.
  As the show progresses, the Elder Bairns and the talking dog begin to hint to Saya that there may be more to all of this than she knows.

  The carnage also begins to escalate as the show progresses, almost to B-splatter horror movie level as various town folk are devoured in gruesome fashions.

  Nothing compares to when a Elder Bairn finds its way into the high school that Saya attends, where mass slaughter takes place as the students are picked off in a myriad of ways.

   Of course, towards the end no one is quite who they appear to be and Saya finds herself caught in the middle of the conspiracy.

  Blood C works at its best during the action sequences, but this is far from a action anime, due to the fact that the action is only here and there.  It hardly works as a horror anime, because when the death count begins to pile up, it isn't scary.

   Basically, all we have a main character and a anime with one hell of a identity crisis. 

  In closing, with the creative abilites of both CLAMP and Production I.G., this should have been a better anime.  Problems with pacing and the use of over the top blood and gore makes Blood C a waste of time and energy.

  If you must, streaming at: www.funimation.com/blood-c

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  Level E:  From the creator of Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho
Streaming at: www.funimation.com/level-e

  Until next time!  Cory J.S.                   

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